Employee Resources

Employee Calendars

2023 - 2024

Accounting Technicians, Elementary and Middle Schools (215 Days)
Accounting Technicians, High School and Middle College (220 Days)
Administrative Assistants, Elementary and Middle Schools (215 Days)
Administrative Assistants, High Schools (220 Days)
Administrators (12 Month)
Assistant Principals (210 Days)
Bus Drivers, Bus Aides and Bus Monitors (191 Days)
Cafeteria Monitors (189 Days)
Child Nutrition - Cafeteria Managers (200 Days)
Child Nutrition - Field Service Managers (220 Days)
Child Nutrition (189 Days)
Child Nutrition (194 Days)
Classified Staff (12 Month)
Consulting Teachers (220 Days)
Coordinated School Health and Employee Wellness Supervisor (200 Days)
Custodians (12 Month)
Dyslexia Specific Reading Interventionist (225 Days)
Early Learning Coordinator (225 Days)
Educational Assistant, Media Assistants and Permanent Substitutes (196 Days)
Free and Reduced Coordinator
High School Counselors (205 Days)
Homeless Liaisons and Foster Care Liaison (206 Days)
In-School Suspension Monitor
Office Assistants (196 Days)
Onsite Medical Administrators (12 Month)
Onsite Medical Classified (12 Month)
Parent Engagement (225 Days)
Principals, Elementary and Middle School (220 Days)
Principals, High School, Lead Elementary, Middle College (225 Days)
Psychologists (210 Days)
Psychologists (220 Days)
School Nurse Manager (220 Days)
School Nurses (196 Days)
Speech Pathologists 200 Days
Speech Pathologists 210 Days
Speech Pathologists 220 Days
Student Health Services Coordinator - RN (210 Days)
Substitute Program Rep 210 Days
Substitute Teacher Coach 210 Days
Variable Employees